A Unique Catholic Education
About Us
Saint John Paul II Preparatory School: A New Approach To Catholic Education

Saint John Paul II Preparatory School is like no other Catholic school in St. Louis, or in the country.  Starting in 2009 with just seven students, we have grown to nearly 150 in six years! Nearly all growth has been by word of mouth.

​Key Benefits of Saint John Paul II Preparatory School

  • Prepares young adults to effectively manage an active lifestyle through time management and self-discipline of studies at home two days a week
  • Strengthens families with opportunity for more parental involvement
  • Provides opportunity to reduce college costs through dual enrollment and local college credits
  • Flexible class schedule allows students time to have part-time jobs or conduct apostolic work
  • 70% of students receive college scholarships
  • Integrates virtue building within the classroom setting for all grades  -  K thru 12
  • Single campus provides opportunity for High School mentoring to Lower School students
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios
  • Spiritual Formation
A College Style Approach

The school is structured after the college-style schools, which started in the mid-90s. There are now over 50 of these schools today. JPII is the first Catholic school in the country utilizing this model.
This model supports our philosophy that parents and the family are the domestic church. Our school is a supportive tool for the parents in offering an authentic Catholic curriculum taught by qualified teachers. Students meet three days per week at school (M, T, TH) and complete course work two days a week at home. Parents continue to play an integral part in students’ formation.
With the continued blessing of Archbishop Carlson, we are fulfilling a role within the Archdiocese and supporting its “Alive in Christ” mission by offering an innovative approach to Catholic education.
The three-day schedule provides flexibility to families and provides additional support to the home school families who desire more academic expertise.

Access To Catholic Education

Without any parish subsidization, JPII continues to offer the lowest tuition rates in St. Louis among Catholic high schools. We are one-third the cost of the average private Catholic high schools and less than half the cost of the average parochial high schools. (2012 Redbook).

Within our religion program, we will emphasize the spirituality of Pope John Paul II in the areas of apologetics, theology of the body, the culture of life, and a special devotion to the Blessed Mother.
We believe that students need to learn time management skills in the areas of their spiritual life, family life, academics, service in the community, as well as other activities.  Learning how to live a balanced life as a teenager will prepare them to transition more smoothly into college, and help them to succeed in maintaining balance in these critical years where lifetime decisions will be made. We hold all-school masses at least once a month, with opportunities for confession.
In the spirit of Pope John Paul II