Strong Roots. New Branches. 

Annual Scholarship Appeal




Thank you!

I am especially grateful for all the spiritual sponsors, families who share our school’s message, and donors who give so generously.

One of my teachers tells of a narrow and curvy stretch of road her family drives on the way to school each day that is jeweled with trees so high and concentrated that they refer to it as “the tree tunnel.”  During the fall, the leaves glow in such a breathtaking yellow that the children have renamed it “the golden tunnel.”  The whole family savors this visual treasure for as long as possible.

In a similar way, JPII provides a golden tunnel for our families– a beautiful place of Catholic faith formation, character and virtue development, prayer, study, and emphasis on families.  We are building strong foundations in an increasingly secular world.

Some families within the JPII school community face job loss and other economic uncertainty in the coming year.  Your generous gift to JPII’s Annual Scholarship Appeal provides direct help by funding need-based tuition assistance to these faithful Catholic families.   Thank you. 

I speak for the entire Board, administration, faculty, staff, and families in expressing our gratitude for your support as we endeavor to teach, live, and defend our beautiful Catholic faith with confidence and joy.

Warmest regards in Christ Jesus,

Mrs. Lynette S. Schmitz

Our Spiritual Sponsor

Prayers are being offered for our community by alumna Sr. M. John Paul, a Carmelite sister. She writes:

“Attending Pope St. John Paul II Preparatory School was a great blessing for me. It is crucial as a young person to be surrounded by a community that supports and upholds the faith. I found this witness in my peers, but especially in the witness of the teachers at JPII. Every vocation first starts in a relationship with Jesus Christ, and JPII Prep. played a crucial role for me, keeping me close to the Lord. I am happy to be praying for the JPII Community!”

Ready for Life

Reflections from JPII Faculty Member, Stephen Notestine

St. John Paul II Preparatory School  offers students a rich and rigorous education while also giving them an authentic and caring environment to grow in their faith. The classical education at JPII challenges students and allows them to grow in skills that will help them contribute to our world as adults. JPII’s students are prepared to take on life, both spiritually and mentally.

How deep are the roots of a Redwood tree?

At only 10-12 feet deep, Sequoia and Redwood roots are incomprehensibly shallow, given the size of the tree. How can a 500-ton tree stand, live, grow for centuries with such shallow roots? The roots aren’t deep – but they are extremely strong, and intertwined with those nearby, each tree supporting and nurturing the others.

Like the redwood root system, the community at St. John Paul II Prep is a strong, intertwined network that helps families and faculty nurture and support one another. Your gift in support of this community helps families nurture new growth in our students.

About us

Founded in 2009, John Paul II Preparatory School is dedicated to forming faith-filled leaders through a strong classical education and Catholic formation through a hybrid model that blends in-person instruction with at-home learning.

As new families continue to seek out this hybrid model, our community continues to grow and nurture one another. Your gift helps this cooperative model thrive, creating a healthy balance between home life and school for our families, students and faculty members.

How can we pray for you today?

Alexis G.

Excellent teachers that help to give a true Catholic education in the St. Louis area.

Betsy M.

This is the best thing that has ever happened to our family. Everyone should be so lucky.

Bonnie L.

A 5-star education and a giant leap going into college.