Meet our Faculty

Lynette Schmitz


Mrs. Schmitz has been an educator in small Catholic schools for nearly her entire career, teaching at the high school, middle school, and elementary school levels, as well as instructing special-needs students, homebound students, GED students, and at-risk inner city students.  Education is her vocation, and she is perpetually aware of the privilege of serving God by building His kingdom.

Catholic educators and administrators must create a setting that teaches virtue, encourages the love of our faith, and provides opportunities for both academic and spiritual growth in our children.  She is grateful for the opportunity to provide academic excellence and assist teachers and parents to make an important and lasting difference in the lives of the young people at JPII.

About Mrs Schmitz


  • B.S. in Education in English/Language Arts Secondary Education magna cum laude from University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • 500+ Continuing Education and teaching seminar contact hours


  • Lifetime Certification in Secondary School English/Language Arts 7-12
  • Career Continuous Professional Certification in Elementary Education 1-6
  • Adult Education Certification, renewable

5 things Mrs. Schmitz loves about JPII

JPII is first and foremost a community of Catholics striving together to live, protect, and defend the Faith.

JPII’s classical curriculum provides an appropriate and challenging progression of study that similar to that which educated the greatest minds of Western Civilization.

JPII’s teachers work closely with their parent co-teachers to ensure seamless application of our hybrid model; they challenge students with every step to analyze, compare, evaluate, and create.

JPII’s students are knowledgeable about their faith and are anxious to learn more, serve the Church, and continue their growth in God’s grace.

JPII’s close-knit “community of friends” works together with a level of courtesy, generosity, helpfulness, and kindness that is seldom experienced in organizations; people treat one another with a high degree of Christian charity and respect.

Administrative Team

Sebastian Garren

High School Academic Dean


  • B.A. in Classical Languages, Philosophy, Medieval Studies from Wabash College
  • Classical Civilization (Instituti per Studi Classici)

Experience: St. John Paul II Preparatory School, 2015 – present

Mr. Sebastian Garren graduated from Wabash College with a Major in Classics, and Minors in both Philosophy and Medieval Studies. He studied in Italy for a semester at the Institute of Classical Studies where he learned about the many brick-mortars of Ancient Rome and sat amongst enormous stacks of books in the prestigious American Academy Library, trying to decide whether Ancient Roman education had any redeeming qualities.

In college, he was elected president of the Newman Center, founded a theology magazine Unapologetic, and became editor-in-chief of the thorny student magazine The Wabash Commentary.

He won a Fulbright Scholarship to study education in Finland, where he languished for a sunny summer, eating thick vanilla ice cream woven with black licorice, while contemplating what school is like in Heaven.

Mr. Garren has had the pleasure of teaching at JPII for the past 5 years. As Dean he oversees the executive function of the high school including discipline, curriculum, the house system, teacher assistance, and parent resources. He has taught six different courses and loves working with the students, teachers, and parents of the JPII community – whether it be on academic issues or preparing a surprise piñata party for the Principal.

An avid reader, he reads economics, folk tales, science fiction, history, and children’s books. Really everything except 19th century French novels, which he has an irrational prejudice against.

Seana Tetzlaff

Grade School Dean, Board President Emeritus


  • Coursework in Psychology from University of South Florida
  • A.A. from Hillsborough Community College
  • PK & K Teacher Certification, North American Montessori Center

Mrs. Tetzlaff has been privileged to be a part of JPII from the very beginning as one of the founding families. Over the last 9 years she has been involved as a board member, teacher and Dean. She has been married to her husband Marcus for 30 years and has a daughter Hailie, who is a 2013 JPII graduate.

Mrs. Tetzlaff worked in Atlanta in the public school system with autistic preschoolers and a private Catholic school as a kindergarten assistant and co-teacher. She worked at Gateway Academy as a temporary 2nd grade teacher, as a substitute teacher for grades PK through 6th grade, co-teacher for Pre-K and an assistant to first grade. After receiving her certification as a Preschool/Kindergarten teacher from North American Montessori Center, she began to implement a Montessori program for Pre-K until the school’s closing.

Mrs. Tetzlaff has a deep desire to share Christ with the children she teaches, support parents in their God given role as primary educators of their children and help form young people who know and love our Lord.

Anna Catalano

middle school dean


  • B.A. in English Education summa cum laude, minor in Communication  from Maryville University


While at Maryville, Ms. Catalano completed several secondary education practicums at various public schools where she worked primarily with at risk students.  She also worked as a university teacher’s assistant and tutor in the university’s writing center working with ESL students.  Ms. Catalano began teaching at Saint John Paul II Preparatory School in the fall of 2014 and has loved every minute of it!

As a cradle Catholic, Ms. Catalano appreciates St. John Paul II Preparatory School’s strong Catholic identity and emphasis on virtue and character building.  As a former homeschooler and graduate of Kolbe Academy, she enjoys teaching in a collegiate model school which encourages organizational and motivational skills in its students as well as close parental involvement. 

Amy Steppig

Dean of Home and School


  • B.A. in Theology from St. Louis University magna cum laude
  • B.A. in Fine and Performing Arts, emphasis in Theatre and Music magna cum laude

Amy Steppig has been an active member the homeschooling community since 1997.  Once introduced to the Classical homeschool methodology, she spent years learning about and collecting Classical curriculum and books, while teaching her own children.  Mrs. Steppig has also worked as a youth minister and catechist at several area parishes and is a certified catechist for the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  

Pam Olimpio

Dean of Religious Formation


  • Coursework in Communications and Broadcast Journalism from St. Louis University 
  • Extensive coursework in Theology from Institute of the Holy Doctors
  • Five year education/formation program at Carmel of St. Joseph; professed 2001 Order Carmelites Discalced Secular
  • Coordinator of Religious Education Certification (CRE) (Paul VI Pontifical Institute)
  • Catechism/ Religious Studies Certification (Paul VI Pontifical Institute)

Mrs. Olimpio has taught Religion grades fourth through seventh and Math grades second to sixth at JPII.

Mrs. Olimpio loves St John Paul II Preparatory School because it has been a gift to her children and family. St. John Paul II Preparatory follows the Catholic Church’s mandate to promote parents as the primary teacher of their children by providing an excellent Catholic education that is focused on utilizing the best materials available to educate a young Catholic, scholastically and formatively in the complete teachings of Jesus Christ, and of the Church he founded, faith without compromise. At the same time, the school provides the gift of time to families to provide the family with the necessary time to bond and remain unified through the formative years of a young persons life, according to the will of God. Mrs. Olimpio finds that working for JPII has been a calling, which has been supported by much grace.

Support Staff

Tammie Mushinski

Admissions, Office Manager

Kathleen Cupples


Laura Vaporean

american history i, Assistant to Deans

Paige Mushinski

Office Assistant

Jo Ann Buckley

Pre-Kindergarten Aide

Billijean Erard

Grade School Aide

Jane McCabe

Grade/Middle School Aide


Nathan Arends

Anatomy/Physiology, Morality, Latin II, 2nd Form Latin, History of Greece, Rome, Early Church


  • M.A. in Theology, Aquinas Institute of Theology
  • M.A. in Pastoral Studies, Aquinas Institute of Theology
  • B.S. in Exercise Science, Truman State University
  • Graduate Certificate, Thomistic Studies, Aquinas Institute of Theology
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), Barnes-Jewish Hospital (1 Unit)

This is Mr. Arends’s first year at JPII. He previously taught at Trinity Catholic High School in North St. Louis County. Mr. Arends earned his undergraduate degree from Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, in exercise science. After that he earned two master’s degrees from the Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis.

Mr. Arends is passionate about the Catholic faith and loves sharing it with others. He lives in South St. Louis City with his wife and two kids and enjoys eating his wife’s cooking, watching the NBA, and generally dominating geography-related trivia.

Karla Boyer

Second Grade


  • Business Administration – St. Louis Community College
  • European Art History – St. Charles Community College
  • Visual Arts and Crafts – St. Louis Art Museum

Karla Boyer has been an active member of the homeschooling community since 2000 feeling called to leave the corporate working environment to homeschool her children.  This began her love for learning and quest for finding successful teaching methods implementing unit studies and hands-on approaches to make school subjects come alive.  She has one homeschool graduate, and her daughter, Sophie, was also homeschooled through the 6th grade before attending JPII.  In addition to being a homeschool parent, Karla has been teaching art in the classroom for the past 15 years, and appreciating the fine arts for a lifetime. She has extensive independent study in European art history, and completed several workshops on various visual arts and crafts and techniques through the Saint Louis Art Museum and other local workshops.  In addition to offering in-home classes, summer art camps and workshops for grade school students, she has been privileged to teach fine art at Potter’s Clay, St Gianna Catholic Co-op, and JPII.  Nothing brings her more joy than seeing children find their voice through creativity.

Her love of fine art extends beyond the classroom and has taken her to study Ancient and European Renaissance art history abroad through traveling to Italy, France, Spain, and England.  In her spare time she is always working on a new creative project.  She is thrilled to be sharing her love of the arts with the students at JPII.

Angela Field

middle school writing, literature 8


  • B. S. in Legal Studies from University of Wisconsin-Superior
  • Minor in Communication and Mediation


Caroline Griesbauer

Biology, Chemistry, Algebra II Pre-Algebra


  • B.S. in Chemistry from University of Dallas, Irving, TX
  • B.A. in Theology from University of Dallas, Irving, TX

As teaching assistant and tutor in the Chemistry department at U.D., Caroline supervised in analytical chemistry and general chemistry labs several hours per week and assisted with chemical preparation. 

She completed a reserch and development internship at Abbott Labs in Abbott Park, IL where she worked with a team researching Hepatitis and developing the first test for HDV and  conducted early rounds of trials for HBV and HDV tests. 

Caroline was also very active in Campus Ministry at University of Dallas and was a student worker in charge of planning and organizing events.

Anna Catalano

Composition/Rhetoric in Ancient Literature, Middle School Writing, Literature 6 and 7


  • B.A. in English Education summa cum laude, minor in Communication  from Maryville University


While at Maryville, Ms. Catalano completed several secondary education practicums at various public schools where she worked primarily with at risk students.  She also worked as a university teacher’s assistant and tutor in the university’s writing center working with ESL students.  Ms. Catalano began teaching at Saint John Paul II Preparatory School in the fall of 2014 and has loved every minute of it!

As a cradle Catholic, Ms. Catalano appreciates St. John Paul II Preparatory School’s strong Catholic identity and emphasis on virtue and character building.  As a former homeschooler and graduate of Kolbe Academy, she enjoys teaching in a collegiate model school which encourages organizational and motivational skills in its students as well as close parental involvement. 


  • B.A. in English Education summa cum laude, minor in Communication  from Maryville University


While at Maryville, Ms. Catalano completed several secondary education practicums at various public schools where she worked primarily with at risk students.  She also worked as a university teacher’s assistant and tutor in the university’s writing center working with ESL students.  Ms. Catalano began teaching at Saint John Paul II Preparatory School in the fall of 2014 and has loved every minute of it!

As a cradle Catholic, Ms. Catalano appreciates St. John Paul II Preparatory School’s strong Catholic identity and emphasis on virtue and character building.  As a former homeschooler and graduate of Kolbe Academy, she enjoys teaching in a collegiate model school which encourages organizational and motivational skills in its students as well as close parental involvement. 

Lynn Dery

Church History, Public Speaking/Religious Topics, 7th and 8th Grade Religion, First Form Latin, All School Musical


  • B.S. in Physical Therapy from University of Wisconsin


Mrs. Dery has been teaching Religion and Public Speaking at JPII since 2016. She graduated in 1988 as a Physical Therapist specializing in low back pain and women’s health. She felt the call to homeschool when her third child of five was born, and she has very much enjoyed that journey of teaching. While homeschooling, she developed a public speaking DVD curriculum, entitled John Paul II Beginning Public Speaking Class.

Mrs. Dery has been part of the directive team for RCIA, serves currently as a lector coordinator, and has served as the spiritual formation coordinator for Regnum Christi for many years. She has written various study circles, speaks at retreats, has led Bible Studies, and has a great love for the Catholic Faith.

As a teacher, Mrs. Dery loves being able to share what she perceives to be the most important aspect of our lives: our faith. To her, the Catholic Church is a gold mine and she loves being able to share it with her students in a fun and meaningful way. JPII is a unique environment, and she feels blessed to be part of it!

Her family is very involved in theater and she is happy to be involved in the Fine Arts Department at JPII, directing a few musicals and vignettes.

As a parent, Mrs. Dery loves JPII because it slows life down for her two children who are students at the school. She likes the combination of the school days and home days as it allows her to be more involved in the lives of her children.

Father Peter Fonseca

Biomedical Ethics, Apologetics


  • M.Div. from Kenrick Glennon Seminary
  • M.A. Theology from Kenrick Glennon Seminary
  • M.S. Biomedical Ethics from University of Mary
  • B.A. Philosophy from Kenrick Glennon Seminary
  • Certification Catholic Healthcare Ethics from National Catholic Bioethics Center
  • Associate Pastor at Sacred Heart Parish in Florissant
  • Director of the Office of Continuing Formation for Priests


Fr. Peter Fonseca is the second oldest of 11 children. After graduating from St. Louis Priory School in the spring of 2007, he entered Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. Upon graduating from the seminary with an Master of Arts in Theology and an Master of Divinity he was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of St. Louis in May of 2015 by Archbishop Robert Carlson. Following ordination, while serving as the associate pastor of Queen of All Saints parish, Fr. Fonseca undertook graduate studies in biomedical ethics. He completed a certificate in health care ethics from the National Catholic Bioethics Center and a Master of Science in Bioethics from the University of Mary where he was chosen by the faculty as the distinguished graduate student.

Fr. Fonseca currently serves as the Director of the Office for Continuing Formation for Priests and as the associate pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Florissant Missouri. In addition to his canonical assignment he serves as a consultor to various parties in the Archdiocese of St. Louis and the greater St. Louis area on bioethical issues and serves as a consultant on the Archdiocesan Worship Commission. Additionally, he teaches Biomedical Ethics and Apologetics to seniors at John Paul II Preparatory School. Fr. Fonseca has focused his research in numerous fields including, the issue of cryopreserved human embryos, gender identity disorder, physician assisted suicide, situations of apparent futile care, and the patient-clinician relationship. He has presented at various conferences / seminars across the country and has contributed to local television and radio programs.

In addition, as a medical ethicist, he conducts seminars and consultations for medical personnel in hospitals all over the country in the area of Biomedical Ethics.

Elizabeth Kramer

Saint Study I and II, Logic 7 and 8, Spirit and Life


  • B.A. in Theological Studies from St. Joseph’s College of Maine
  • Associate in Catholic Doctrine from Institute of the Holy Doctors


Although Ms. Citrowske always knew she would become a teacher, her experience teaching PSR at her home parish for two years truly established her conviction for education. Her second greatest joy is in being able to help a student understand a concept and build confidence in their abilities. Her greatest joy is in connecting every subject, no matter what it may be, to the faith. JPII school has allowed the perfect environment for this type of education – where classroom learning and growing closer in knowledge and love for God go hand-in-hand.

Julie Forbes

Third Grade


  • M.A. Elementary Education from Saint Michael’s College
  • B.S. Natural Resources from University of Vermont


Mrs. Forbes taught second grade for five years at Mater Christi Catholic School in Burlington Vermont. She also spent one year in Southeast India volunteering at a Carmelite mission, working with teachers and students at an English medium school. She has had the opportunity to work with young adults through various Church outreach programs. Mrs. Forbes spent seven summers as a team coordinator bringing high school and college students on mission trips to Haiti. She was also privileged to be part of team that organized and worked with various religious orders to present “Youth 2000” retreats, which focus on Eucharistic adoration and the teachings of the Catholic faith, at parishes throughout the Northeast.

Marriage to her husband, John, and the gift of their five children began her vocation as a stay-at-home mom and homeschooling mother. For the past fourteen years she has been challenged to strengthen her teaching skills, strategies, and techniques in order to accommodate the individuality of each of her children, recognizing their gifts and responding to their limitations through the development of individualized curricula.

Mrs. Forbes’s philosophy of education has been greatly influenced by one of the great classical educators, Saint Thomas Moore, who said, “Education is not the piling on of learning, information, data, facts, skills or ability – that’s training or instruction – but is rather making visible what is hidden as a seed.” She prays daily for the grace to assist parents by helping their children to recognize their strengths and their weaknesses, helping them to understand that in recognizing their weaknesses they can discover hidden gifts, helping them to develop and use their gifts for the glory of God, helping them to desire the lifelong discovery of the awesomeness of God and their uniqueness, and helping them to grow to become fully the person that God created them to be.

Mary Beth Franzen

Fourth Grade


  • B.A. in Elementary Education magna cum laude from Western Illinois University
  • Coursework in mild/moderate and severe disabilities from Webster University
  • Religion Teacher Certificate (Paul VI Pontifical Institute)
  • Catechism Certificate (Paul VI Pontifical Institute)


Mrs. Franzen was a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler for 13 years.  She has taught PSR at St. Joseph-Cottleville for eight years. She has held various volunteer positions, including founding a Little Flowers Catholic Girl’s Club, leading a St. Charles County support group for families of children with Down syndrome, and serving on the board of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis. Mary Beth has also been a presenter at various local and national conferences, including the St. Louis Catholic Homeschool Conference, Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis Annual Conference, and the National Catholic Educators Association-Teaching Exceptional Learners Conference.

Her classroom teaching experience includes middle school and first grade at All Saints School in St. Peters, third grade in the Francis Howell School District, and gifted education coordinator/instructor for 2nd-5th grade students at St. Joseph School-Cottleville.

As an educator, Mrs. Franzen knows that each student is a unique being with gifts and talents in a combination like no other person. In addition to instilling a love for Our Lord and a love for learning, she challenges each child to use whatever gifts God has blessed them, to bless others. Mrs. Franzen is excited to be part of the faculty at JPII and to partner with the parents in educating the future of the Catholic Church.

Mary Kay Fulton

First Grade


  • B.S. in Applied Computer Science from Illinois State University


Mrs. Fulton has been a teacher at JPII since 2012.  Before that, she spent ten years of homeschooling (1st through 8th grade), and worked for Arthur Andersen Consulting as a computer programmer, systems analyst, and project leader.

Mrs. Fulton likes JPII because here “everyone is treated like a child of God.”

Julie Harrell

First Grade


  • B. A. in Business with emphasis in Marketing from Webster University
  • State of Missouri Elementary and Secondary Education Substitute Certification of License to Teach



After leaving the corporate world, Mrs. Harrell homeschooled her five children.  The Harrell family joined the JPII community in 2013 and the last three children are JPII graduates. (Caroline graduating May 2022).  Mrs. Harrell has been a substitute teacher in the Wentzville School District teaching grades K through 12 and at JPII teaching in the lower, middle and high schools.   She is delighted to be teaching first grade at JPII full time.

Mrs. Harrell is passionate about sharing her Faith and her love for learning with her students.  She admires the solid, Catholic formation each student receives at every grade level at JPII and she loves that JPII equips students with the invaluable lifelong tool of ‘learning how to think’ while keeping their eyes on Heaven.


    Eva Heinermann



       B.A. in Studio Art from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO



      • FOUNDRY ART CENTRE  Ms. Heinermann was Education Manager from March 2019 – December 2020, and created educational programming for children and adults through classes, workshops, and community event activities. She maintained the Children’s Gallery and worked with school districts to set up artwork on a scheduled basis. Gave tours of the Foundry and managed community classroom space.
      • EVA’S ART AND DESIGN  Ms. Heinermann creates paintings, drawings, photography, and any other commissioned artistic projects.
      • CREATIVE CORNER  and WONDER YEARS PRESCHOOL AND CHILD CARE  Ms. Heinermann worked with babies through school age children, created and applied lesson plans, assisted with camp activities, wrote and taught lesson plans, and managed daily classroom activities.


      • M.S. Human Performance, emphasis Exercise Physiology, summa cum laude from Lindenwood University
      • B.S. Exercise Science, summa cum laude, from Lindenwood University
      • Coursework Concentrations/Minors: Chemistry and Nutrition
      • Outreach Coordinator for Missouri Youth Soccer


      • USSF National C License 
      • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
      • Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
      • Urban Soccer Diploma Educator (United Soccer Coaches)
      • CPR/First Aid/AED


      • Chemistry, Weight and Strength Training at Trinity Catholic High School (2018-2019)
      • Thesis entitled Sport-Based Fluid Intelligence (defended October 2017)
      • Published author with first book entitled The Soccer Training Journal: The Player’s Guide to Daily Excellence (December 2016)

      United States

      • Pioneering Researcher in Fluid Intelligence in Sport
      • Coach-in-Training for Region II ODP
      • Educator for Urban Soccer Diploma (2019)
      • Head Coach of Missouri ODP 2004 Boys (2018)
      • Assistant Coach of Missouri ODP 2006 Boys (2017-2018)
      • SoccerPlus Curriculum Advisor and Director (2014-present)
      • President and Founder of Jogadores Soccer Club (2014-2017)
      • PDL Reserves Player for St. Louis Lions (2008)
      • 2x Missouri State High School Soccer Champion (2008, 2009)

      International: Kenya/Iceland/Hungary/Brazil/Nicaragua

      • Level 2 Coaching Course to be implemented in Kisumu, Kenya (December 2019) 
      • Founder of Level 1 Coaching Course in Kisumu, Kenya endorsed by the FKF (Football Kenya Federation) (2018-2019)
      • Assistant Coach at Kisumu Greenland SoccerPlus FC (2016)
      • Trainings at Knattspyrnufélagið Víkingur (May 2017)
      • Head Coach of AC Miami u10 boys (July 2017)
      • 3-1-4 record versus Hungarian academies in Budapest (including #11 rank in the world, MTK Budapest u10)
      • Guest Trainer with FCB Escola do Brasil (September-October 2017)
      • Head Coach of Futbol Sin Fronteras in FIFA-official friendly match versus Nicaraguan Women’s National Team in (January 2018)

       Mr Gieske loves that the students of JPII exhibit their desire to serve God and display friendliness, courtesy and charity to each other. Additionally, he is impressed by their high-quality work, consistent attention to detail and commitment to excellence.  He values the kind, supportive faculty who strive to be deliberate with every interaction to provide a model of God’s love.  He appreciates that JPII has learners of all ages that provide a diversity of great interactions from the youngest to the oldest and foster a community of role models for each stage of the student’s development.

      Christina Heddell

      Special Music Events, HS choir


      • M.A. in Theological Studies from Ave Maria University
      • B.S. in Economics, Minor in Piano Performance from Miami University


      After working for a private economic forecasting firm out of college, Mrs. Heddell landed her first dream job at the Respect Life Apostolate in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, a position she left in 2009 for her next dream job as stay-at-home mother. She has four children enrolled at JPII and one at home this year. In addition to playing piano for Masses, weddings and the occasional cocktail hour, Mrs. Heddell’s current focus is on teaching music to young people. Mrs. Heddell has trained with Making Music, Praying Twice, a music and movement program for 0-8 year olds. She started a children’s choir at her parish, has been a volunteer music and choir teacher at JPII, and is the Chorus Director for Joyful Noise Musical Theater. She is grateful to JPII, both the school and the saint, for loving and promoting the arts, and she looks forward to working with the students to make beautiful music that gives glory to God! 

      Mary Sigillito

      pre-kindergarten, early pk


      • Florissant Valley Community College — Early Childhood
      • Patricia Stevens Career College — Certificate



      • Sacred Heart Florissant Kindergarten – Pre-K Teacher from 2003-2021
        Mrs. Sigillito was lead teacher for the half-day, Pre-Kindergarten (four and five year old) program. Comprehensive curriculum included Phonics & Pre-Writing Skills, Math, Science and Religion. She is experienced in simultaneous teaching of students with varied learning styles and abilities.
      • Mrs. Sigillito’s experience also includes Jewish Community Center Early Childhood Program in Chesterfield, MO, from 1997-2002 where she was active in the care and early childhood education of children in the Infant and Toddler Program.

      Anne Henning

      6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science


      • B.A. in Political Science from Northern Illinois University
      • NCATE Teaching Certification, Grades 6-12, IL and MO
      • Religion Teacher Certification from Paul VI Pontifical Institute
      • Professional Development in the QUEST (Quality Elementary Science Teaching) program from College of Elementary Education at University of Missouri 


      Anne served as volunteer Pre-School Director at Holy Innocents Catholic School for ten years, then part-time science teacher for 4th-8th grades. After the school and parish closed, Anne taught fourth and fifth grades at St. Ambrose Catholic School on the Hill through June 2011.

      In 2012, substitute teaching called her to new experiences at Cabrini Academy, St. Cecilia Catholic School, Loyola Academy, DeLaSalle Middle School, Marian Middle School, and, in the spring of 2013, to JPII.

      Anne is delighted to be part of the JPII faculty and its mission of educating students, both academically and spiritually. Joining parents and her teaching partners, she looks forward to preparing her students to become faith-filled adults living and defending the Catholic faith with confidence and joy.  Each day and each student is a gift in which she learns more deeply the Gospel message.

      Robert Hochreiter

      Pre-calculus, physics


      • AAS in Electronics Engineering Technology
      • M.S. in Physics from University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
      • B.A. in Classical Liberal Arts from Magdalen College, Warner, NH


      • High school/college math and physics tutoring, continuing education student with EdX, Coursera, and Udacity; electronics/robotics projects, volunteer electronics and robotics teacher in an after school program for high schoolers. 
      • RF-electronics Engineering Technician: MEDRAD – MVS
      • Reverse engineering, setup, testing, and troubleshooting the electronics of various magnetic resonance (MR) imaging coils: helping to establish MEDRAD service and support facility 
      • High school technology curriculum development using the “Stamps in Class” curriculum from Parallax, Inc. using the Basic Stamp and Electronics Workbench MultiSIM. Continued study and experimenting in electronics with various popular microcontrollers, recreational writing, high school/college math tutoring, PC repair.
      • High School Physics, Math, and Technology Instructor, and Technology Coordinator
      • Taught AP Physics C, Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing, General Physics, Introductory Astronomy, Analytic Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Visual Basic, and Visual C++. Utilized laboratory equipment such as Vernier Logger Pro, Graphical Analysis for Windows, MathCAD Pro and Excel software. Served as an academic advisor. 
      • PC hardware diagnostics, software configuration, LAN installation, workstation imaging and deployment (Norton Ghost, Partition Magic). LAN printers and backup devices, and helpdesk support: assisted in the development of workstation technology standards, maintenance of support records and support related reports; coordinated technology projects and implemented specific rollout plans for individual teachers, departments, and a school-wide curriculum mapping solution
      • Extracurricular projects with students in the design and fabrication of a gas powered hovercraft, model rocketry and rocket CAD (RockSIM), analog audio and MIDI recording. Curricular projects such as a whiteboard plotting robot and other robots implementing various sensors, i.e., ultrasonic, IR, light level, temperature, acceleration, magnetic field, GPS, and servo and stepper motors.

      Cheri Hoeber



      • Founder and Director of St. Gianna Homeschool Cooperative, Wentzville, MO


      Cheryl Hoeber is married to Don; they have seven children and seven grandchildren.  With thirty years of experience homeschooling her children through every level, the youngest has graduated.   Her entire life has been dedicated to loving children, and helping them to grow and learn.  In addition, Cheryl co-founded, and served as director of the St. Gianna Homeschool Co-op with the St. Louis Catholic Home School Association.  The family are parishioners at St. Gianna’s.  

      Two essential goals for our children in preschool are — to learn to love Jesus, and to learn to love learning.  While these may seem small goals, they build a foundation for everything else in life.  To view the world with the perspective of following Christ leads us to see each experience as a learning opportunity.  This prepares us for our vocations, whatever they may be.

      Every life is a blessing from God, and it is a blessing to see the wonder in young children’s eyes as they discover something new.  This joy in learning should continue throughout life.  

      Favorite things about John Paul II:  It’s the best of both worlds.  Combining homeschooling with in-school learning gives the children a balanced perspective in life and provides a wide variety of opportunities,  The staff supports the parents as the primary educators, working together to pass on the Catholic Faith.  

      Alysia Horst

      Algebra I, History of the Modern World, American Literature, Composition/Rhetoric in Ancient Literature


      • B.A. in English summa cum laude from University of Missouri-St. Louis
      • B.S. in Secondary Education from University of Missouri-St. Louis
      • Catechist Certification (Paul VI Pontifical Institute)


      After her college graduation and marriage, Mrs. Horst taught second grade at her parish school, as well as a PSR class. The following two years she taught honors literature/grammar classes at New Haven High School.  While homeschooling her children, she continued to teach PSR, overseeing Confirmation preparation for twelve years. 

      Anne Klein

      Math 6


      • B.S. in Elementary Education summa cum laude from University of MIssouri-St. Louis 
      • Extended Teaching Certificate in Mathematics K -12 from University of Missouri-St. Louis


      Mrs. Klein taught math and science to grades 7 and 8 for three years at St. James the Greater School. Subsequently she worked for two years as a Mathematics Specialist in the Parkway Math Project, in coordination with the University of Missouri/Columbia to research the best methods for teaching mathematics. She traveled to different elementary schools in the Parkway School District to share those techniques with grade school teachers.

      During this time Mrs. Klein also helped to write a series of enrichment mathematics workbooks for the Houghton-Mifflin Mathematics textbook series, as well as several instructional manuals for Parkway math teachers, and gave presentations at national teacher workshops and conventions. She then taught math for more than a year at Parkway South Middle School until the birth of her first child.

      During her time at home raising her four children, Mrs. Klein helped to write math practice and enrichment workbook pages for the Grade 7 Silver Burdett Mathematics Textbook.

      Mrs. Klein has been teaching high school and middle school mathematics at St John Paul II Preparatory School since the school began in the Fall of 2009.

      Mrs. Klein loves teaching at JPII because she enjoys helping students to understand and appreciate the subject of mathematics. She is fortunate to work with wonderful teachers, principal, and staff, and to have great support from the parents and families.  She feels that she is so blessed to be able to teach at JPII where she can integrate the study of mathematics with the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church!

      Mary Kutchback

      Grade School Music

      Kimberly Lytle

      american history and government, medieval studies



        Michelle Malawey

        Grade School Music


        • M.M. in Violin Performance from Jordan College of Fine Arts at Butler University
        • B.M. in Violin Performance from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
        • Continuing education through Feierabend Association for Music Education and Suzuki Association of the Americas


        • Founder and Executive Director of Joyful Noise Children’s Musical Theater (2015-present)
        • General Music Teacher: St. Martin de Porres Homeschool Co-op (2012-2014)
        • Violin Teacher: Michelle Malawey Violin Studio (2000–present), J. Oscar School of Music (2019–present), Kokomo Symphonic Society Beginning Strings program (2000–2003)
        • Liturgical Musician: Sacred Heart of Florissant (2012-present), St. Norbert (2009-2012), St. Joan of Arc (2002-2007)
        • Performer: freelance violinist appearing in concerts, theatrical productions, and special events throughout the St. Louis area (2009-present); violinist with Miranda String Quartet (2000-2007); section violinist with Kokomo Symphony Orchestra, Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, and Muncie Symphony Orchestra (2000-2007); section violinist with Urbana-Champaign Symphony Orchestra and Decatur Symphony Orchestra (1998-2000), section violinist with St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra (1995-1996)

        JPII is a special place where love of learning, love of family, and love of faith intersect.

        As a former homeschool mom and a continuing JPII mom, Mrs. Malawey values the educational support her children and she receive from the JPII faculty and administration while she continues to be an active and integral part of their education.    She is thankful to be part of an incredible community of families supporting and inspiring one another in authentic practice of our faith.

        As a JPII faculty member, Mrs. Malawey enjoys sharing her love of music with the students, especially within the context of faith.  When she was in music school, a quote from J. S. Bach hung on the bulletin board above her desk: “The aim and final end of all music should be nothing else but the Glory of God and the refreshment of the human spirit.”  In the music classes at JPII, she gets to share both aspects with her students.  It is her hope that their time in class exploring musical ideas through games, instruments, and dance is a fun and refreshing part of their week, and that the prayer-songs learned together are a beautiful way for them to experience connection with one another in faith and to express their love of God.

        Michael Martel

        Philosophy, statistics


        • B.A. in Humanities from

          Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula, CA


        After experiencing the education at Thomas Aquinas College, Mr. Martel knew what he wanted to do with his life. The delight and wonder of learning were what he wanted to pass on to the younger generations. He has been involved with the home-schooling community here in St. Louis since the 1980’s and served as teacher at Gateway Academy and now currently at St. John Paul II.

        What Mr. Martel likes about JPII is its dedication to a classical curriculum as the best foundation for a solid education and its 3-day format allowing the parents to actively exercise their very important role of mentoring their children’s formation.

        The Catholic faith also plays a central role in the presentation of all academic subjects integrating faith and reason so necessary for proper human development. All that he loved and was privileged to learn while at Thomas Aquinas College is what he wishes for all students of JPII.

        Elaine Maxwell



        • Coursework in Biology, Psychology, and Elder Care  from Maryville University
        • Degree from Healing Arts Center at St. Charles Community College

        Mrs. Maxwell worked at St. Peter’s Catholic grade school in St. Charles as a substitute teacher for grades K – 8th.  She was also the director of their Sunday school program and VBS program.  Her children started at JPII in 2013 and she joined the JPII faculty in 2015 as the teacher assistant for Pre-K and Kindergarten.  Now Mrs. Maxwell teaches the Pre-K students and helps with student transcripts.

        Mrs. Maxwell enjoys teaching Kindergarten and helping our youngest students love God, love learning, and love school.

        Stephen Notestine

        Latin I, British Literature, second form latin, Middle School Writing, athletic coordinator


        • M.A. in English from University of Missouri – St. Louis
        • B.A. in Psychology from University of Missouri – Columbia
        • Missouri State Teaching Certification in English from American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence                                                            

        Steve is a dedicated teacher, coach, and mentor with 12+ years of teaching experience. For nine years, Mr. Notestine taught various levels of English Language Arts at CBC High School Teacher.  Prior to that, Steve taught a variety of classes at the former Gateway Academy, including Latin, Religion, and Reading.  Over his 15 years of teaching, Mr. Notestine has taught learners of all achievement levels, from AP students to struggling students.

        Outside of the classroom, Mr. Notestine has coached a variety of sports (boys and girls) at different levels.  In addition, he has served in various advisory roles at the high school and middle school levels.  

        Mr. Notestine also works with students as a tutor.  He tutors in a variety of subjects, works with students to improve executive skills, and offers college prep assistance (ACT, common app essay).

        Deacon Dr. Stephen Pieper

        Moral Theology


        • M.D. from Washington University School of Medicine
        • Board Certifications: Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, Internal Medicine
        • Fellow:  Heart Rhythm Society, American College of Cardiology
        • M.A. in Theology from Ave Maria University
        • Permanent Deacon, Archdiocese of St. Louis


        Stephen J. Pieper, MD, FHRS, is board certified in cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular electrophysiology, and internal medicine. He is a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society and the American College of Cardiology.

        Following graduation Magna Cum Laude from Washington University, Dr. Pieper received a medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine in 1988. He completed his internship and residency at Barnes Hospital/Washington University School of Medicine, where he received the Internal Medicine Award, and served a Chief Residency year at the St. Louis VA Medical Center. He completed his cardiovascular disease and electrophysiology fellowships at The Mayo Clinic. He subsequently earned a Master of Theology from Ave Maria University. Dr. Pieper has authored numerous articles in medical journals and has been a research investigator in multiple research studies, including an NIH study. He has been elected a St. Louis Best Doctor annually since 2005.

        Dr. Pieper’s professional interests include consultative electrophysiology, pacemaker and defibrillator device management, and ablation procedures.

        On a personal level, Dr. Pieper participated in the Deaconate program through the St. Louis Archdiocese and was recently ordained a permanent Deacon of the Church.

        Father Edward Voltz



        Robert Shea

        Third Form Latin


        • Doctoral Studies in Medieval and Early Modern German Literature at University of Toronto, A.B.D.
        • M.A. in German Studies from University of Missouri
        • M.A. in English from Southeast Missouri State University 
        • B. A. in Political Science  from University of Missouri

        Mr. Shea taught German for 25 years in the Rockwood School District. He also taught English in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1993 after two years of doctoral studies in Medieval and Early Modern German literature at the University of Toronto.

        Mr. Shea states that he is grateful for finding JPII and having the chance to give his son a classical education firmly grounded in solid Catholic teaching. He views himself fortunate to be part of the dedicated staff and is continually impressed with the many ways, great and small, in which this school sets itself apart on a daily basis. The JPII experience is one that challenges each of us in new ways every day and has become the profoundly surprising second career and calling he wishes he had made his first!

        Greg Sisco

        Personal Finance and Stock Market


        • M.B.A. from McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois
        • B.S. in Accounting from Franciscan University of Steubenville

        Mr. Greg Sisco is a devoted husband and father. He is a licensed CPA currently working as a Financial Analysis Manager at Express Scripts. Prior to his current role, Greg worked in audit and consulting roles for Protiviti, Scottrade, and Express Scripts.

        Greg grew up in a small town called Chewelah, WA. After graduating from Franciscan University, he and his wife (a St. Louis native) moved to Seattle for a few years before settling in St. Louis. The Sisco Family lives in St. Charles, MO.

        Greg hopes to equip students with the basic principles of economics, investing, and personal finance as they prepare for adulthood and make decisions about their future. JPII has been a great experience for the Sisco children and Greg is looking forward to contributing to the JPII community and culture.

        William Sullivan

        american history ii, third Form Latin


        •  M. A. in Education from Kent State University, Kent, OH
        • B.A in English from Borromeo Seminary College in Wickliffe, OH
        • Certification in Special Education, K-12 from Akron University, Akron, OH
        • Highly Qualified Teacher status for Social Studies and Math, Akron University
        • Awarded Transition Specialist Training Scholarship through United States Department of Education



        Julia Walker

        Second Grade


        • B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Fontbonne University
        • Additional Coursework in Communication Disorders, Truman State University

        While at Truman, Ms. Walker began working at a daycare where she still holds the position as Director’s Assistant. There, in addition to assisting the other teachers and the director, she has also been a lead teacher and loved having a classroom of her own.

        Ms. Walker’s family has been at JPII for several years now and she appreciates all the wonderful things about the school and community of faith. When she learned a position had opened in the grade school, she felt called to apply for the job and has enjoyed getting to know all the students and teachers at the school.  She has learned a great deal, gained valuable experience and looks forward to additional challenges in the coming years.

        Theresa Weidlick

        Fifth Grade


        • B.A. in Elementary Education magna cum laude from St. Louis University
        • Religion Teacher Certificate Paul VI Pontifical Institute

        Theresa has taught at multiple grade levels from Pre-K to grade seven. She has taught at St Mary Magdalen(City) and at St. Francis of Assisi in South County, in addition to some time in Parkway School District as an aide, and a variety of preschools. She has also spent time in the private sector. In addition, Theresa has helped to coach her children’s volleyball and cheer teams, taught PSR and VBS, and spent many hours volunteering at her children’s elementary and high schools.

        Mrs. Weidlick is blessed to be a part of the JPII community. As a parent, she was drawn to the faith-centered and family focused environment. She was thrilled to see the emphasis upon a classical curriculum that helps to foster sound thinkers and inquisitive learners. As a teacher, she looks forward to developing each child’s unique gifts and talents, and helping them grow in love for Christ and their Catholic faith. 

        Claire Wessel

        Fourth Grade


        • B.S. in Genetics from University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI
        • FOCUS Team Director, Non-Profit Missionary, and Equador Mission Trip Director in West Point, NY


        As Research Associate for PhylloTech in Madison, WI, Mrs. Wessel conducted large scale collections and purifications of Phylloplanin in E Coli system confirmed in Western Blotting, conducted and created assays to test the efficacy of Phylloplanin to kill plant pathogens that affect potato storage, and improved agriculture efficiency and environmental safety by implementing genetic technologies in pursuit of optimizing protein, Phylloplanin, expression as part of an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduate Grant.

        As Research Intern for Dupont Pioneer in Janesville, WI , Mrs. Wessel engaged in many aspects of corn research, including data collection for technology combating disease and other trait effecting corn productivity and managed a research project testing pollen viability in an attempt to preserve popular hybrid pollen.

        Mrs. Wessel was active in the FOCUS Missionaries.  As Team Director of West Point Military Academy, she mentored cadets weekly in development of leadership and outreach skills and facilitated weekly group discussions to foster peer relationships, accountability, and goal setting to improve each team member’s leadership potential.  She also created and implemented weekly individualized action plans to develop each team member’s analytical abilities, fundraising skills, and project management expertise.  

        As Mission Trip Director  for FOCUS, Mrs. Wessel led a large group trip to Ecuador managing the safety and participation of 20 employees and students, managed a team of 4 members to recruit and coach 16 students to fundraise all trip monies, and coordinated and facilitated all trip formation curriculum.

        Cidney Woodson

        Theatre and Drama


        • B.F.A. in Acting and Directing from Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO

        Ms. Woodson joined JPII just a few months after she graduated from college, which was extremely exciting for her.  She has been directing the plays at St. John Paul II Preparatory School for about two years now and has recently begun teaching the high school drama elective.

        What she loves most about JPII is how engaged the kids are with theatre; their enjoyment makes her job so much fun.

        Laura Vaporean

        American History I, Grammar 6


        • B.S. in Business Administration from University of Missouri in Columbia, MO

        Laura Vaporean homeschooled her five children for over twenty years.  She also taught PSR and Vacation Bible School for approximately ten years.  As a member of ARCH Co-op, she served on the steering committee for several years and is currently a member of the Board.  She has worked at JPII in various positions since 2016 and is very excited to be teaching 6th grade spelling and grammar and 7th grade history classes this year.

        She really enjoys being a part of the loving, kind and faithful community of JPII.