“Parents are the first and most important educators of their own children, and they also possess a fundamental competence in this area: they are educators because they are parents.”
Pope St. John Paul II, Letter to the Family, #16

“In the work of education, the family forms man in the fullness of his personal dignity according to all his dimensions, including the social dimension.

The family, in fact, constitutes “a community of love and solidarity, which is uniquely suited to teach and transmit cultural, ethical, social, spiritual and religious values, essential for the development and well-being of its own members and of society” (No. 238 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace).

Assisting families in the task of education is at the heart of our mission. From our earliest days, when our immediate call was to serve families who were in urgent need of a school for their children, an equal consideration was given to guard family time and preserve family bonds. By providing an educational environment and system where all of your family can attend at the same campus and have the benefit of two home school days together, ample time is allowed for both.

JPII also provides an opportunity for like-minded families to share in this common endeavor. Having a community of families who share your values gives hope and encouragement through the challenges of living our Catholic faith in the world today. Our patron recommended:

“Hence we should point out the need for a special solidarity among families. This can be expressed in various practical ways, as for example by associations of families for families. The institution of the family is strengthened by such expressions of solidarity, which bring together not only individuals but also communities, with a commitment to pray together and to seek together the answers to life’s essential questions. Is this not an invaluable expression of the apostolate of families to one another? It is important that families attempt to build bonds of solidarity among themselves. This allows them to assist each other in the educational enterprise: parents are educated by other parents, and children by other children. Thus, a particular tradition of education is created, which draws strength from the character of the “domestic church” proper to the family” (Letter to Families, 1994 POPE JOHN PAUL II).

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