"Those in society who are in charge of schools must never forget that the parents have been appointed by God himself as the first and principal educators of their children and that their right is completely inalienable." 
--Pope St. John Paul II 

A Catholic School Just For You

Saint John Paul II Preparatory School's rigorous classical curriculum and unique model  blend the advantages of traditional instruction with the benefits of homeschooling to provide an atmosphere where both academic and spiritual formation thrive.  Our cooperative model allows for a healthy balance between home life and school participation by providing three days of in-school instruction and two days of study at home.  Our classical curriculum unites us with our past and systematically trains students to think critically and express themselves eloquently in writing and speaking.  Students benefit from the opportunity to develop their Catholic faith within the loving embrace of their primary educators, their parents, extend their academic knowledge through the expertise of professional teachers, and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of all the Church teaches within a faithful community.

Our Catholic Faith

Our first and most important aim at JPII is to know, love, and serve God. All education, which is the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, is inescapably Christian in that all truth is God’s Truth.

Our Task

The primary goal of Catholic education at JPII is to prepare each student to glorify and honor God in their thoughts, words, and deeds, and to achieve eternal life. 

Our Parents

Parents are God’s first plan for spreading the Gospel to children and forming young believers.   Parents maintain a significant role in JPII's hybrid model.

Our Teachers

Teachers are hired by the school to exercise unconditional love of Christ, expertise in the classroom, and leadership in the community. 

                 The JPII Hybrid Model

Saint John Paul II Preparatory School is a hybrid academic program, blending all the best aspects of traditional schools with the advantages of homeschooling.  Our model rests on the solid foundation of the Catholic faith lived out according to the Magisterium, a rigorous classical curriculum, character and virtue development, spiritual formation, and extracurricular activities.

Professional teachers administer the curriculum Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, instructing in their areas of expertise and providing assignments, feedback, and grades for both school-day and home-day work.  On Wednesday and Friday parents continue instruction and monitor their students' progress at home.  

Our dual emphasis on school and family supports the educational needs of students and the natural role of parents.  This hybrid model returns to families the gift of time for prayer, service, enrichment, and leisure activities, reinforcing the family bond that is so crucial to our children's formation.

Video:  JPII students talk about our school

Purpose of St. John Paul II Preparatory School

1.  To teach God’s Commandments and instill in each student a strong devotion to Jesus Christ

2. To help each student develop a personal prayer life with Christ, a devotion to His Blessed Mother, and a love of the Catholic Faith

3.  To impart the charism of St. John Paul II and each student's role in the New Evangelization

4.  To recognize the dignity and worth of each student and to appreciate individual differences

5.  To partner teachers with parents in the formation of each student's faith and character

6.  To develop creative minds and teach each student how to think and how to learn, ultimately to maintain a lifelong love of learning

7.  To instill in each student an awareness of their responsibility to respond to the needs of others through apostolic and service projects

8.  To teach the virtues and instill in each student the importance of self-respect as well as love and respect for others

Video:  JPII Schola sings our school hymn, "Totus Tuus"