Middle School Latin

Fourth Form Latin 8th Grade
Mr. John Tardiff

Fourth Form Latin completes the journey of Latin grammar by reviewing all material in First, Second, and Third Form, completing all verb forms for all four conjugations by studying participles, infinitives, and gerunds.

  • Fourth Form Latin published by Memoria Press

Third Form Latin 7th Grade
Mr. Robert Shea

This course is the third of four parts of the study of Latin Grammar, in preparation for reading Classical Authors. Students will gain a solid, detailed knowledge of the 3 verb moods in Latin and how to manipulate nouns, adjectives, and pronouns. Throughout the year more and more emphasis will be placed on reading and translating, to the point of reading a novella.

  • Third Form Latin published by Memoria Press
  • Pluto: fabula amoris by Rachel Ash & Miriam Patrick

Second Form Latin 6th Grade
Mr. Nathan Arends

This Latin series teaches students ecclesiastical Latin. There is a strong focus on learning common Christian prayers in Latin. Second Form Latin builds upon the vocabulary and grammar which students learned in First Form Latin. Concepts already learned are reviewed as new concepts are introduced. Student’s vocabulary grows during this year, allowing them to translate and write more complicated sentences which will now include adjectives, adverbs, direct and indirect object, rather than just a subject and verb. Question forms are also introduced in this course. Some simple sentence diagramming is learned, and comparison is made between the diagramming in English and in Latin. Connections are made with English grammar through the diagramming and the discussion of work order; in addition, the book includes English derivatives, so students can see the depth of the influence of Latin upon the English language.

  • Second Form Latin published by Memoria Press

First Form Latin 5th Grade
Ms. Elizabeth Citrowske

First Form Latin is an entry level Latin program for our students in 5th-8th grade. Students are introduced to the basic vocabulary and grammar forms of Latin. Each class is begun with prayer in Latin. The course is divided in to approximately 30 two-page lessons with occasional cumulative review. Lessons are reinforced through recitation, Latin “chants”, workbook exercises and flashcard practice. Latin learned in this lesson is used as a building block for all future Latin study.

  • First Form Latin published by Memoria Press