Mrs. Cheryl Hoeber and Mrs. Mary Sigillito

Image of God Series – Who am I? (Ignatius Press): This Catholic religion course is centered on an approach found in the writings and teachings of Saint John Paul II. This approach stresses the dignity of each individual as a person made in the image of God. The course has as its emphasis two key truths of the faith: God and creation.

Bible Stories to Read (Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc.): This book is used to bring some of the beautiful stories from the Old Testament to the classroom. These stories help to develop the student’s character and help guide the student’s faith by a sincere belief and appreciation for God’s Word in their own heart.

Pre-Kindergarten Religion for Young Catholics (Seton Press)

Language Arts:

Alphabet: Alphabet Book Part 1 & Part 2, Alphabet Coloring Book (Memoria Press)
The goal is to introduce letters and sounds, and to provide a solid foundational readiness for a rigorous phonics-based Kindergarten program. Show and Tell is daily with one student bringing Show and Tell for the letter we are studying that week. We learn a saint each week for the letter of the week, which includes making a saint puppet.

Literature: We read a selection of short books and discuss questions prior to reading and after reading. Vocabulary, definitions, picture reviews and content topics are discussed while reading. After reading some of the books, we will make a craft.

Numbers: Counting with Numbers (Rod and Staff); Numbers and Colors (Memoria Press)

Introducing numbers as well as beginning number skills, like pairing, sequencing, and comparing, the goal is to learn to count confidently to twenty and to recognize numbers one to fifteen. We also will learn basic color words.

Motor Skills: My Very Own Scissors Book (Memoria Press)

This book is designed to strengthen a student’s fine-motor skills, artistic abilities, dexterity, concentration, and self-control through the purposeful use of scissors. The goal is to develop strong cutting skills and learn basic shapes.

Topics covered in daily recitation: letters, numbers, days of week, months of year, pledge of allegiance, skip counting by 2s and 10s, seasons, vowels, colors, how many… (hours, days, weeks, months, letters, seasons, vowels, dozen) etc.

Music: We listen to the song of the week and learn to sing the song.

Art: We look at the art of the week, discuss what we like and don’t like, and learn about the artist.

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