Middle School Mathematics

Algebra I 8th Grade
Mr. Dominic Bernardi

Algebra I is the foundation for all high school mathematics courses. This course is typically taken in the 8th or 9th grade after completing Pre-Algebra. It is a prerequisite for taking Geometry of Algebra II. Students will study operations and relationships of numbers through the use of variables. Problem-solving and reasoning skills are emphasized in writing and solving algebraic equation.

  • Algebra-Structure and Method: Book 1 published by McDougal Littell

Pre-Algebra 7th Grade
Mrs. Alysia Horst

This class will review the basic operations of arithmetic on whole numbers, fractions and decimals. These operations will be used in dealing with ratio, proportions, percent, simple geometry and algebra. As students master these basic concepts, they will move into basic algebra. Students will be expected to understand basic operations with integers, rational numbers, irrational, and real numbers; the use of variables; properties of numbers and of equality; solving equations and inequalities; problem solving; relations and functions; and polynomials.

  • Pre-Algebra published by McDougal Littell

Mathematics 6th Grade
Mrs. Anne Klein

Math 6 reviews and builds upon concepts covered in Math 5 (such as place values, multiplication and division, measuring). Math 6 then introduces the foundational concepts that will be necessary for algebra and geometry. The students develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills through word problems and by learning to sort through information for the relevant data.

Each lesson introduces the new concept with practice problems for the class to solve together. The teacher models the concept then has the students practice at the board of collaboratively at their desks. They then move onto to independent lesson work, which also includes review form previous lessons.

  • Understanding Mathematics 6, Mathematics for Christian Living Series published by Rod and Staff

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